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Shorin-Ryu Seibukan

In 1962 Seibukan (The Holy Art School) was founded by Sensei Zenryo Shimabukuro (1908 – 1969). He was a direct student of the legendary martial artist Sensei Chotoku Kyan (1870 – 1945) - Sukunaihayashi-Ryu.

Hanshi Zenpou Shimabukuro, son of Hanshi Zenryo Shimabukuro, is a 10th degree black belt and is the Supreme Instructor and Technical Director of International Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Seibukan Karate do.

Chotoku Kyan

Zenryo Shimabukuro

Zenpo Shimabukuro

Why Seibukan?

Since the introduction of Karate to mainland Japan by Gichin Funakuchi, stances and techniques were modified to improve the visual impact - at times compromising the effectiveness of the techniques.

Since Karate has become a sport, most of the modern day karate styles/schools focus on preparing Karatekas (karate students) to win tournaments.

Sparring: Sports Karate emphasizes the prevention of injury during practice and tournament. Hence during sparring (kumite) pull back has become the norm, and since many believe that what you practice will become your second nature, one may and wonder how one will react in a real life and death situation.

Kata: Kata is imaginary fighting and is considered by the Okinawan masters as the life-blood of Karate. Katas are to be practiced in their true spirit with full power and speed. In sports karate katas are performed with theatrics aimed at impressing judges, which mostly means sacrificing power and adding lots of slow movements so that the performer won’t get tired.

Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Seibukan Karate is all about the holistic development of the individual. Techniques that were practiced centuries ago are practiced the same way with the same intensity and meaning. Equal importance is given to the physical and mental development of an individual.

Seibukan Canada

Sensei Daniel (William Daniel) started teaching Seibukan Karate in Canada in 2002. He has been teaching Karate in India since 1978. He is one of the senior students of Late Sensei Kuppusamy who was a student of Kyoshi Jamal Measara. Sensei Daniel is also a qualified Judo Coach from the National Institute of Sports, Sport Authority of India. He was also introduced to yoga and kalaripayatt at a young age.